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Why we

Privatne.sk aims to create a complete database of accommodation in Slovakia, facilitating the process of searching and booking accommodation or rental of residence.

We are not a travel agent, or agency, and therefore our clients have the registration and contact details candidates may contact them directly.

Our main goal is to assist the owner but accommodation in their promotion and advertising solutions operations facilities (reception, room, bathroom, and other areas), kvalitnení and offer new services and ensuring all needs for a pleasant stay of visitors. We know that the site is staying even so much we decided to go a little different route and just focus their efforts on the needs of landlords and improve their services.

Many pages spoils us like a portal name. Everything is at the discretion of the owner property - why and where your accommodation is included. Many are fascinated by the word free, but not always, this means even better. A free no one really does anything. So it's good to consider the offer value for money.

Just look at some of the pages created free and once you understand why the owners fail to produce the desired effect and success. We will prove that quality does not cost a lot.

This page will continue to work to bring everyone what he is looking for and needs.

Our offer will continually expand and improve to your satisfaction and hope you and keep us the favor.

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